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Articles Mentioning Nitro-Pak
Emergency food supplies come in different size packages and deciding which package is best for you will take some thinking, a little math and some research. This article will do some of that research for you. Buying a supply of emergency food is a big decision with numerous factors to consider. Factors such as how many days of food do you need to store or might someone in your family have food allergies and cannot eat certain foods. How many calories and nutrients will you get with an emergency food supply? This article will look into all of these factors. more
Nitro-Pak Consumer Q&A
Nitro-Pak does not currently offer downloadable mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This online shopping website sells emergency foods, survival kits, water filters, water storages, first aid supplies, flashlights, lanterns, radios and more. Phone: 1.800.866.4876 You can find more inf... more
Yes, Nitro-Pak carries a variety of freeze-dried specialty food products that are suitable for vegetarians during emergency situations, camping, etc.  In addition to vegan specialty food products, the company carries pork free, low sodium, and low cholesterol items. The company also carries all... more
Currently, Nitro-Pak does not accept payments from personal checks. They accept credit card payments which are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For debit cards, they do not provide information if they accept debit card payments. You may contact the customer service to know if they as... more
Nitro-Pak Overview
Nitro-Pak offers a wide variety of disaster preparedness items, such as: Emergency Food Kits: Sells family reserve unites, year supply packages, group food reserves, mountain house variety packs and more. Survival Kits: Sells 72-hour kits, 1st Aid kits, earthquake survival kits, automobile survival kits and space blankets. Water Filters & Storage:  Sells 30 and 55 gallon water barrels. They warn that we should never use recycled barrels or water bottles because we can never get them fully clean before we reuse them. Miscellaneous: Sells security supplies, such as personal defense items, safes, knives, home alarms and pepper spray. They also carry flashlights, light sticks, ra... more
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